One of the first libraries for children was open in Petrograt in 1921, in 1924 the library got its name after the greatest Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. In 1977 the library moved to a new premises at Bolshaja Morskaja st., 33. Not far from the library there is the famous Saint Isaac's Square. The square adorns famous Saint Isaac's Cathedral. At the far end of the square stands the Mariinsky Palace. There is also the Hotel Astoria. A bit further there is a monument to Peter the first set up by Catherine the Great and commemorated by Alexander Pushkin in his famous "The Bronze Horseman".
The building which houses the library has been famous since the XVIII. At first it was a one-story building which belonged to a daughter of a Vice-Admiral Cruice, later is was owned by a Field-Marshal N. Saltykov who was appointed the tutor of grandson of Catherine II Alexander - the future emperor Alexander I. In the XIX century the house witnessed several owners, was rebuild and became a three-stored building. In the 1890-s the owners of the "Novosti" newspaper opened a public reading hall on the second floor. The most peculiar about that readings hall was that a reader could get acquainted there with any newspaper published in Russia in those days. Thus, the children's library has carried on with certain traditions set up in the XIX century.

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