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Flag Day. This Wednesday June 14th, in FLAC, there were a meeting dedicated to the American holiday Flag Day. Our American volunteer, Carleton Goss, told about the origins of the holiday, and led several games, in which students could learn more about the history and symbolism of the American and Russian flags, and also the flags of other countries. At the end of the event, participants invented flags of non-existent countries, and shared with others what their design and symbolism. We learned that flags, like countries and people, have many differences but even more similarities.

Fathers Day. This Wednesday June 21th, in FLAC, we led a meeting connected to the American holiday Father's Day. How this holiday appeared, who invented it, similar holiday in other countries, how it celebrated, these were just some of the matters our popular Discussion club facilitator, Carleton Goss, discussed. The event included a serious part during which patrons discussed the role of the father in the family and what qualities make a good father, as well as jokes and fun activities. Patrons remembered all the different words (including slang) people use for father, and shared amusing stories starting with the phrases: "the funniest thing my father ever did." In the end, everyone had an opportunity to express their appreciation for their fathers by making them a special tie - the father's day symbol in America.

Different people: they are so similar online conference. In June 2006, The Pushkin Central Children's Library opened a "Different People: They are so Similar" online conference. Here are methodological materials, projects, programs, exhibitions, and contests which have occurred or are to be realized in the future. They are presented by numerous conference participants including non-profit, cultural, and educational organizations. The FLAC coordinator, Ekaterina Baranova, is one of the speakers.In her article you will find a description of all significant projects and events which have occurred in FLAC over the last two years, which have played a role in developing respect among youth for different nations, languages, races, and cultures.

Independence Day. On Wednesday, June 28 there were a Discussion club meeting dedicated to Americas Independence Day. As always, the event was led by our volunteer Carleton Goss. Students learned about the holidays history, how it is celebrated in the USA, about the Declaration of Independence, and about the Bill of Rights. They also participated in a trivia scavenger hunt with the winners receiving prizes and certificates. This meeting completed
the "American history in holidays" project. In July, we will present a photo exhibition of the brightest moments of the project.

The Domino Photo Exhibition.
On Friday, June 30, at branch N1 of the Pushkin Central Children's Library, with the support of the non-profit Russian-Dutch organization "Razvitie", the "Domino" photo exhibition opened. The exhibition presents works of young amateur photographers from St. Petersburg and Netherlands dedicated to the light and dark sides of life in our city. The exhibitions social subject-matter (homeless children, ecology, fascism, youth problems, happiness search, etc) was continued in non-stop computer presentations presented in the one of the exhibition halls. The presentations reflect social projects which were organized by FLAC and its two partners: the Russian-American organization "Doctors to children" and Petrovsky College. The exhibition is open until July 12 in the library. Work hours: Mon.,  Twe., Tue., Fri.: midday-6pm, Wen.:2pm-6pm, Sut., Sun.: days off.

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