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Children's library of foreign literature
Address: 3-ya Sovetskaya st.,8
Phone: +7(812)273-38-11
The library and  game  space  Room for children   has been open on April 27, 2017. Its the joint project of the Saint-Petersburg   Central city childrens  library by the name of A.S. Pushkin with  Consulate general of Sweden and the Swedish institute. "Room for children" its created just like the Swedish children's library ( Rum för Barn). The concept of space is aimed at stimulation   to desire children to read books, to enjoy music, to think out fairy tales and to realize the imaginations through creativity.
In space "Room for children" not only the best  Swedish authors are brought together, but also masterpieces of children's literature of other countries, including books in the English, German, Swedish, French and Japanese languages. The arrangement of books helps children to make a choice independently. There  is a cozy "lodge" with illumination to get and read inside, a wide choice of toys and board games for children of all age categories, there  is  a zone for reading fairy tales aloud (" red armchair"), little tables and materials for creativity.
We offer visitors game occupations with use of the best children's books, master classes, meetings with artists and writers, and also fascinating game stores.
More information on space "Room for children" it is possible to find in group of Children's library of foreign literature Vkontakte.


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