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RARE BOOK DIVISION was founded in 1997 as a part of depository division. It was founded as a centre of book history. Subsequently our division will be the museum of children's books  of  St.Petersburg. The acquisition of stock of rare book division carries into effect actively. At present the stock is about 3000 items. One can see here works of outstanding Russian book publishers of the first part of 19th  - the beginning of 20th century - A. Smirdin, M. Wolff,  A. Marx, A. Suvorin, A. Devrien, I. Sytin, R. Golike and A. Vilborg, F. Brockhause and I. Efron, books of unique design that were  made in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Espeсial place occupies the "Pushkiniana" collection where you can find the first book of Alexander Pushkin "Ruslan and Ludmila" (1820), first lifetime edition of tragedy "Boris Godunov" (1831), the first posthumous complete works of A.S. Pushkin (1838-1841).The department contains lifetime editions of well-known children's writers L. A. Charskaya, A. B. Khvolson, S. Ya. Marshak, K. I. Chukovsky, A. L. Barto, B. S. Zhitkov, E. I. Charushin and others. These books are kept with care.The reading-room contains books with autographs of writers, painters and other outstanding people of the 20th century: D. S. Likhachyov, V. V. Bianki, A. F. Pakhomov, N. Ya. Eidelman, V. Nashchokina-Zyzina (granddaughter of P. V. Nashchokin) and others. We have also the collection One can see here the collection (60 volumes) of books published during the Great Patriotic War. Five books were published in Leningrad during the blockade. Among them there is a unique "Tale about tsar Saltan" (1943). There is no such book in Institute of Russian Litterature (Pushkin's house).

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