It is based on the first posthumous edition of Works by A.Pushkin. The history of its publication is highly interesting. Nicolas the first allowed publishing Works by A.Pushkin to profit his widow and children. In 1838 the eight main volumes was published. However the I. Glasunov's printing-house put out three additional volumes in 1841. The circulation was 30 000 copies.
The library collection of Works by A. Pushkin , which was published before the October revolution happened, consists of two editions. One of them was put out by Imperial Academy of Sciences (several volumes) , another was published by Broggauz and Efron under the edition of S.Vengerov. Issued the Works publisher paid attention not only to texts , but also to the scientific articles and commentaries. The edition was realised as an Encyclopaedia about A.Puskin and had published for nine years.
Library has juicy Works by A.Pushkin under the edition by V. Brusov, which was published in Moscow. Like wise our library hold the "Gavriliada" under the edition by and posthumous article collection "My Pushkin" by Brusov under the edition of N.Picsanov. Brusov had over 80-th articles about A.Pushkin. This articles collection consists of the most famous ones. Also library has different editions of essay "My Pushkin" by M.Tsvetaeva both usual and miniature books.
The pearl of the collection is the first impression of A.Pushkin's tragedy "Boris Godunov" (1831). This book circulation was approximately 2000 copies. The issue was selling in A.Smirdin's bookshop. In the first day of sale it was sold 400 copies. The total amount was 4 000 rubbles. Notice! In that time a year turnover of bookshop was not much more this amount. In the 70-th of the XIX century the first impressions of tragedy were bought by amateur collectors. Therefor this impression of A.Pushkin's tragedy became one of the rarest books, which was printed when A.Pushkin was alive.
Not long ago the library stock of rare book was replenished by private Vladimir Mirin's collection.
V.Mirin (1923-1935) had degree in medical science and was a paediatrician. In his free time he collected books about medicine history and books by A.Pushkin and about him. The collecting was his obsession. Every new finding gave him a real pleasure.
Mirin's collection involves more than 2000 various items: books, newspapers and press cutting, magazines and magazines scraps, badges, calendars, cards, postcards and so on.
The book collection totals 869 copies. It has a few books published before the October revolution happened , in that number facsimile editions.

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