Section IBBY

St.-Petersburg section of  Board on Books for Young People of Russia 
(St. Petersburg Branch of Russian IBBY)

Is created in 1998.
The section has united figures of book culture and literatures of St. Petersburg - writers, artists - illustrators, interpreters, experts in the field of children's reading, librarians.
The objective of section - to promote development and distribution of the St. Petersburg children's book to propagandize book culture of city (best authors, artists - illustrators, interpreters, publishers) in Russia and abroad to promote realization of programs of national section of International advice under the children's book.
In the program of section - data acquisition on book culture of St.-Petersburg, operation with publishing houses, involvement in the exhibitions, presentation of the best books of publishing houses of St.-Petersburg in libraries, establishment of the urban premium on the best book for children, moving out on the honorary diploma of International Board in the children's book of writers, artists, interpreters of St.-Petersburg.
In the international program of section - organization and realization of the exhibitions, seminars and conferences, festivals devoted the best books of the world, involvement in the international fairs, congresses, representation in Board on Books for Young People of Russia of writers, artists, publishers of St.-Petersburg on moving out on the international premiums IBBY.
St.-Petersburg section of Board on Books for Young People of Russia invites to cooperation everyone, who by the activity is connected to the book and culture.

The address: 33 Bolshaja Morskaja st., St. Petersburg 190000, Russia
The chairman of section: Sekretareva Ludmila Grigoryevna
tel. fax. (812) 314-46-21
The cochairman: Voskoboynikov Valery Mihaylovich
tel. (812) 252-24-64
The responsible secretary: Zagorskaya Ekaterina Pavlovna 
tel. fax. (812) 315-75-14

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